We took the pledge!

Product Donation

Nonprofit organizations around the world can now use the piplanning app cloud version for a 50% discount to manage their objectives and execute complex plans to protect the nature, achieve key milestones in global healthcare or do some other great efforts in favor of our society. Our product donations will enable them to keep track of their main focus and organise themselves across various locations around the globe.

piplanning app donation

  • We donate the piplanning app cloud version for a 50% discount
  • The discount is valid for as many team licenses as you need
  • You can use all available ALM-Tool synchronisation with all features available to date
  • If needed you get about 3 hours of free assistance to setup and configure the piplanning app

You benefit from additional 25% discount (75% in total) if you're allowed and willing to collaborate with us on

  • creating a testimonial
  • creating a common success story
  • creating a video showing the piplanning app in action

Learn more about the piplanning app visiting
www.piplanning.io or reading our documentation https://howto.piplanning.io

Eligibility / Criteria

  • This offer is only valid for our cloud products
  • You must accept our standard Customer Agreement
  • Your mission must follow at least one of the following goals
    • Education
    • Welfare
    • Protection / Rescue
    • International Development Assistance
    • Human Rights
    • Humanitarian / Emergency Aid
    • Environment / Nature / Animal Protection

Hospitals, health care organizations, higher education institutions and government entities are not eligible for this offer

If you want to benefit from our product donations reach out to us on pledge@rentouch.ch providing a valid nonprofit tax status information and your non-discrimination policy.